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Repair sink holes

Sinkhole Repair Services in 万人炸翻天appPA

Sinkholes can be a big problem for homeowners and businesses throughout 万人炸翻天appPA – not one of the joys of living in this area! If you discover a sinkhole on or near your property, never try to repair it yourself by filling it with debris. Only trust a professional contractor with experience evaluating and repairing sinkholes like B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc. Moving ground in 万人炸翻天appPA for 85 years has taught us many ways to fill sinkholes – using various construction methods to fit each unique situation.

While sinkhole repair is necessary, there are never any guarantees. You should be wary of any contractor who does give you a guarantee on sinkhole repair.

Please call (717) 898-7651 and ask for Nate Kulp for more details

B.R. Kreider was quoted in this LNP article on Spotting Sinkhole Trouble. Read More (PDF)

DEP Sinkhole Fact Sheet

Sinkhole repair

What to do if you have a sinkhole on or near your property:

  1. Restrict access to the hole.
  2. Never go down into a sinkhole or attempt to fill the hole yourself.
  3. Take photographs for documentation but do not get too close to the edges of a sinkhole.
  4. Do not allow unauthorized or inexperienced persons to investigate the sinkhole.
  5. If your sinkhole is a public safety hazard or near your home's foundation, contact local police or emergency responders.
  6. Contact B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc. to determine the best construction solution to repair the sinkhole.
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